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About Jamgocee

Jamgocee Company Limited (JCL) with National Students Leadership Conference and Summer Enrichment Camp initiative along with youth development programs organized every summer for students from countries around the world. We take students to the USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia during the summer. Programs are organized every summer for Middle and High school students around the world. It Empowers Young Leaders and Creates a Better World for all. 

The philosophy of the National Student Leadership Conference and enrichment summer camp was established to provide high school students with a space for academic and career exploration outside the normal classroom. Today, the National Student Leadership Conference and enrichment summer camp has grown to host programs at top universities, giving students the opportunity to explore what college life is like before they graduate high school.

Our curriculum centers around active, experiential learning and includes valuable leadership skill workshops that can be applied to all areas of life. It may sound cliché, but it’s true - no two Enrichment Summer Camp and National Student Leadership Conference sessions are the same. The students who attend our programs are incredibly unique, and each group of students creates a different, memorable experience together that is impossible to find anywhere else.



To engage the youth's heart and awaken a passion within each person or group to summer camp, leaving them focused on pursuing cross-cultural education.



Our dexterity and impactful experiences develop future leaders and engage the heart through summer camps. 

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