Elite Sport Camp, from 17th June to 12th July 2024. Taking place in Toronto-Canada.

Nations Students Leadership Conference 2024

Nations Students Leadership Conference, from 15th to 26th June 2024, Washington D.C, with the following universities (American University, Georgetown University and John Hopkins University).


Summer camp at University of Ottawa - Canada, from 13th to 28th July 2024.

Building Leaders,
Strengthening Families,
Enagaging The Heart For The Future

Pre Departure Conference towards 2023 summer camp


What we do at Jamgocee

We deliver these services at your doorstep

University & College Placement

Our company specializes in university and college placement, helping students find the right educational institutions to pursue their academic goals and career aspirations.

Youth Career Development

We provide comprehensive youth career development services, equipping young individuals with the necessary skills, guidance, and resources to navigate the professional world successfully.

Pre-departure conference toward summer camps

Our pre-departure conferences are designed to prepare participants for enriching summer camp experiences, offering valuable information, advice, and support to ensure a memorable and fulfilling adventure ahead.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Explore a potential career
  • Receive a letter of recommendation
  • Prepare for college and beyond
  • Join an international alumni network
  • Learn practical leadership skills
  • Experience life on a college campus
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What is the company about?
We shape students to acquire skills and develop a positive attitude to communicate, interact, and foster acceptance and tolerance with individuals from varied cultures to create a moral and civic community.